Meter-U is a nationwide data collection service, with a remit covering all domestic, industrial and commercial meter reading services. As our business grows, we will develop further services to support our client’s long-term commercial aims.

Meter-U offers a unique method of collecting and processing more than 20 million visits in the UK and Ireland each year. Our franchising model, which has been developed over more than 10 years of operation, delivers improved performance in metering operations at a lower cost to our utility clients. This is made possible by low overheads and an innovative incentive scheme combined with industry specific best practice processes.

We have established a network of support staff around the country to ensure our franchised expert metering staff concentrate on what they do best – reading meters.

Our clients require a high quality, high performance service and Meter-U’s unique labour model ensures that we continually out-perform our competitors. Originally Freedom Metering Services and part of the Freedom Group of Companies, the name Meter-U reflects the nature of our business, which is customer facing in terms of domestic and business visits on behalf of our clients. The relationship is very much “me to you” focused on delivering exceptional service in the utilities market.

  • Effective, value for money service tailored to client requirements.
  • Nationwide coverage of both Metering and Support staff
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